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    LONGHUA TEXTILE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. was established in 1991.Soon after the establishment, LONGHUA manufactured small circular needles, Raschel needles, links needles and accessories related to the products mentioned above. LONGHUA signed a 3-year technology partnership contract with Samsung Knitting Needle Co., Ltd. from 2000 to 2003. This was the first technology upgrade of Longhua Textile Accessories Co., Ltd., and both companies had substantial improvement in technology and product quality. On seeing the market saturation for needle manufacturers and the supply exceeding the demand in China from 2014, LONGHUA started to actively seek partners in order to face the challenge which will become more rigorous in the near future.
    In 2016, Longhua Textile Accessories Co., Ltd. established a long term strategic partnership with Chang Zhou SCKY Precision Needle Co., Ltd. which has been the leading company in the field of the manufacture of needles and accessories for flat knitting machines in China. LONGHUA also launched its second technology upgrade at the same time and expanded the depth and width of its product lines. We manufactures products with the quality required by its customers and high standards, and it expects to create win-win situations with all its customers.

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